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Welcome 2015 !
Hello! it's been a long time since i posting in my lj. Still being a fangirl, and love JE. But i was give up being an AKB48 fangirl--Acchan is not there anymore hahaha (though she is not my oshi)

Yeah. 2014 is a wonderful year. Many things happen and it's a great experience.

I'm ready for another wonderful things in 2015--so welcome 2015!

(now im in a mood being Kamiki Ryunosuke's fans--lol)

Just Update
I know my post is not important. But this is my Journal, right?
I Can do anything i want in here XD
Yeah, i can write anything i want.

I Was made many icon. But I'm not publish these icon. I Think i made a Icon Only for myself XD
But, You can request to me if you want i made a Icon for you~

OK. This is just a little update for my journal.

Writer's Block: Happy New Year of the Dragon!
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
RAT. Because I Born to this earth on 1996 XD

Still Alive!
Hello~ Konnichiwa~
Yay~ Hisashiburi da ne~ :D
How are you minna? :)

I'm still alive! XD
Although i don't post anything when i check my LJ, Gomen!
Ah yeah, I was edit many photos, maybe U want to use as your banner or header??
Ok, This is it~

Just Wanna Share! :DCollapse )

My Kawaii Kou-chan <3
Gyaa I Love him in this photo... Hontou ni kawaii~ ><

Hello Minna~
I think my LJ account is not too useful for having a friends, because i was have many friends on FB.
So, i want to change this journal and i want to sharing with everyone and i don't really to looking a friends in here, heheh
Yeah, just want to say that,

Annyeong iran mal Hello Hello~
Annyeong! Moshi moshi! xD
The Tittle of this entries is the one lyrics of Ft Island's Song: Hello Hello!
And Now i listen it^^

Ok, well, this is my first post on my 'NEW LIVEJOURNAL'
May i tell you who is me?
Ok, i'll tell you many things i want to tell is this Net World :)
Maybe this journal will be  'SEMI F-LOCKED'
Because i still want to tell everyone about what i want to tell, hahaha... ok, Here we go!

Dakara ima ai ni yuku sou kimetandaCollapse )